Instruction Prebuilt Dreamy MiniAlley

  1. Remove All Packing Tape: Carefully peel off any packing tape from the components of the Dreamy MiniAlley Booknook.

  2. Inserting Batteries: Open the top compartment and insert 4 AA batteries, ensuring they are aligned correctly according to the +/- indicators.

  3. Using the Toggle Switch: After inserting the batteries, you can use the black toggle switch, located in the front of the battery compartment, to turn the light on and off. 

  4. Installing the Green Vine Branches

    • Utilize a pair of tweezers for precise placement of the green vine branches. Carefully position these branches on top of the hanging light within the Booknook.
    • Gently spread the branches out evenly, ensuring they cover the entire light for a more natural and aesthetic effect. Take care not to obstruct the light completely, allowing a soft glow to emanate through the foliage.

  5. Adjusting the Plant Pot Branch
    Carefully bend the branch of the plant pot to mimic the appearance of a natural plant

  6. Arranging Books on the Book Cart
    Place the miniature books onto the book cart in the Booknook. You have the freedom to arrange them in any order or pattern you prefer, allowing for personalization of the scene.

    If there are extra books, consider stacking them into a small pile beside or on the cart, creating a more dynamic and lived-in appearance for your miniature book nook scene.

  7. Positioning Accessory Items in the Dreamy MiniAlley

    • Use a pair of tweezers to arrange all the accessory items throughout the Dreamy MiniAlley according to your preference. Feel free to experiment with different placements to create a unique and personal touch in your miniature scene.
    • You are free to arrange these accessories in any manner you like, or you can refer to our suggested arrangement below for a harmonious and visually appealing setup. The use of tweezers is especially helpful for finely adjusting the position of each element to your satisfaction.

  8.  Adding Miniature Leaves

    • Gently sprinkle the miniature leaves over the scene in your Dreamy MiniAlley. Distribute them in a way that mimics natural leaf fall, perhaps concentrating more around plant areas or along the alleyway for a realistic touch. This step adds an extra layer of detail and texture to your miniature world.

  9. Arranging Additional Add-Ons
    If you have purchased additional add-ons for your Dreamy MiniAlley, feel free to arrange these elements in any style that suits your preference. Use tweezers for precise placement, especially for smaller or more intricate items.
    There's no need to use all the add-ons at once. Consider rotating or replacing items periodically to refresh the scene and keep it interesting. This can be a fun way to change the look of your Booknook regularly.
    Below, you will find some examples of add-on placements for inspiration. These ideas can help you start experimenting with different layouts and themes in your Dreamy MiniAlley.