Instruction Cyberpunk MiniAlley

Hologram Sign



  • The Hologram sign uses CR2032 battery. Due to shipping regulations, we can not include the batteries for some shipping destinations. CR2032 is inexpensive and widely available at hardware stores or online.   

  • Remove the glue dot's cover on the battery base.
  • Install the battery on top of the glue dot so that the positive side faces down
  • Put the battery base under the hologram sign so that the arrow is pointing, as shown below. This position is the ON position.

  • To turn OFF the light, rotate the battery counter-clockwise. 
  • To change the battery, remove the battery base and then remove the battery. The glue dot is reusable. 


 Change Vending Machine Screens


Changing Octopus, Ramen and Robot Arm signs.

If you purchase more than one sign, the signs are not glued to the wall and you will be able to swap them. Install the sign by gently pushing it so that the three pins will go into the three slots on the wall.. 

Octopus Sign Install

Swapping Vending Machine, Arcade and Capsule

The vending machine, arcade and capsule are exchangeable. They are attached to the MiniAlley by using 2 slots on floor and 2 slots on the right wall. To install any of the unit, push the unit so that the pin fit into two slots on the floor. Then slide it into the two slots on the right wall.


To remove the unit, do the opposite