Cyberpunk MiniAlley Press Kit

Cyberpunk MiniAlley Press Kit

We've put together a few things that might help our friends in the press cover the launch of the Cyberpunk MiniAlley. If you'd like any other assets, quotes, or would like to schedule an interview please contact us at

The Cyberpunk MiniAlley turns the dystopian futuristic world into a reality. Now you can have your very own piece of Cyberpunk diorama in your own home. This beautiful handmade piece sits neatly on any bookshelf and provides the perfect escape into a world unlike any other.

On April 5th, 2022, Techarge LLC has launched the Cyberpunk MiniAlley campaign on Kickstarter and raised over $200,000. The Cyberpunk MiniAlley is a beautiful handmade bookshelf insert/booknook that sits neatly on any bookshelf and provides the perfect escape into a world unlike any other. There are three swappable design options: the Vending Machine, the Retro Arcade, and the Capsule. You can immerse yourself in a new world and explore a high-tech city filled with neon lights. Touch, see, and experience the Cyberpunk world firsthand with the Cyberpunk MiniAlley.

The Cyberpunk MiniAlley has over 300 unique and intricate details. The design team studied hundreds of Cyberpunk reference images for two years to develop this hyper-realistic world. The mini alley is the perfect feature piece to draw attention to your bookshelf and start those exciting Cyberpunk conversations.

The Cyberpunk MiniAlley uses sophisticated illusions to make the alley appear a lot deeper than it actually is. This creates the feeling of a complex and busy world in a small space. What’s more, it will look and feel like your Cyberpunk world extends far beyond the walls of your home.

The MiniAlley is designed and made in the USA. Techarge use advanced laser engraving technology to achieve high-resolution (up to 1000 dpi), precise, and consistent art details. After engraving, each MiniAlley requires extensive fabrication, expert painting, hand assembly, and several polishing layers.

After successfully raising funds on Kickstarter, Techarge is currently taking preorders for Cyberpunk MiniAlley on Indiegogo InDemand. The price of the standard Cyberpunk MiniAlley is $219, with limited discounts of over 25% off MSRP for the early backers.

Digital Media

We've provided some high-resolution downloadable images below for your convenience. Feel free to crop and resize them as needed for your publication. 


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